April 14, 2022

April Employee Spotlight: Suzanna Brennan

I'm Suzanna Brennan, a Solutions Architect (SA) with Kepro. I work from home and am based outside of Seattle, Washington. I earned my MBA from Webster University. I also have my bachelors in Psychology from Indiana University. I am a proud military spouse to a physician in the US Army. We have one girl, two boys, and a dog. I enjoy spending time with family and friends exploring Washington state in my free time.

During my time at Kepro, my husband has been on two overseas deployments, including one combat and multiple out-of-state trainings. I am grateful to my Kepro leadership and colleagues, who greatly supported me during those times. 

Working from home has helped me achieve a better work-life balance. Working remotely allows me to eliminate hours that I would otherwise devote to commuting. I can now focus that time on something productive, whether that be a work or life-related activity. Being a military spouse, working from home was extremely important because it afforded me proximity to home. Even while working during my husband's deployments, my children and I had more face time because we use in-home childcare. I could quickly check in periodically throughout the day to say "hi" or join them in the kitchen for lunch. Working from home allowed me to fit in more of what I wanted (or needed) to do and less of what I didn't—driving.

I have been with Kepro since October 2009. I started on the Beneficiary and Family-Centered Care (BFCC) team in Quality out of the Seven Hills, Ohio office. I previously worked in Information Technology (IT) in the Project Management Office (PMO). I worked in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as an Account Manager before my current role on the business development team.

In my role, I work with subject matter experts from across the organization to build a solution and strategy for addressing the requirements in the Request for Proposal (RFP). RFP is the process we use to win most of our new business with clients. I work with various Kepro team members on unique solutions to diverse proposal requirements. My favorite part of the SA job is the variety and challenge it offers. This variety continually provides the opportunity (and challenge) to learn and expand my knowledge.

A typical day for me includes reading through requirements in various RFPs (sometimes multiple times), drafting proposal responses, and strategizing with the proposal team and subject matter experts about how to answer an RFP successfully.

Our work on the business development team helps ensure we meet the RFP requirements and the needs of our current and potential clients. The highlight of my day is collaborating with the business development team and all of the cross-functional subject matter experts within Kepro. The process of building new ideas off of one another is so rewarding. I am so thankful for the amazing group of intelligent and creative people that I am fortunate to work with daily.

Kepro, as an organization, offers such a strong sense of team, which helps us deliver exceptional product and service offerings to our clients.

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