February 22, 2022

February Employee Spotlight: Sharon Renz

I'm Sharon Renz, Manager of Clinical Review for IMEDECS at Kepro. I have been with IMEDECS since 2017 and Kepro since IMEDECS was acquired in April 2021. In my role as Manager of Clinical Review I help manage disputes and appeals. For more than 25 years, I have been a nurse and have worked most of my career in critical care in the hospital setting, as well as a nursing administrator and supervisor. What I have always loved about being a nurse is helping others, and of course, in my current role I can help our staff as well as our clients.  

I consider myself a leader as well as a team member. I like to work with our team to find the best solutions to any issues together. I appreciate all input from the staff and value their ideas. I am also always ready to jump in and help wherever and whenever is needed. One thing that working in healthcare has taught me is to always be flexible and expect change throughout the day. Each day I have cases to read and assist with, client work orders to track, reports to run, many questions to answer from our staff and clients, and sometimes patients asking for explanations or looking for next steps in the appeals process, as well as payroll/vacation requests. I also track and assist with resolving client concerns. 

When IMEDECS was acquired by Kepro I became the lead contact on our contract with U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and I am responsible for tracking pricing, cases, reviewers, Conflicts of Interest (COIs), as well as working with the client to make sure all contract requirements are met. I also worked on a project with our Medical Director where we reviewed cases for a particular client and communicated with the reviewers prior to sending the reviews back. We each performed a thorough review of the submitted records and the reviewer’s determination to ensure client needs were being met. 

Highlights occur throughout my day with every interaction I have with our staff, physicians, and clients. I appreciate the phone calls the most, as they allow for the most clarity in any situation. I am always happy to assist with all problem-solving. My favorite part of my job are the staff with whom I work. They are all hard working, bring positivity to our workplace environment, and are fun to work with.  

I reside in Hilltown, Pennsylvania in beautiful Bucks County. I am married and have three sons. Two are in college and one is in high school. I have been a long-time health and fitness enthusiast and participate in cross fit classes, AMRAP, cardio-boxing, and yoga classes. I completed one Spartan race and one Obstacle race and I am looking forward to training for another Spartan as soon as the current environment allows. I also enjoy refinishing furniture as well as going to the beach for vacation! 

I graduated from a hospital nursing program with a diploma in nursing in 1996. I also returned to school and have two bachelor of science degrees, one in business administration with a concentration in organizational management from Gwynedd University and one in nursing from Chamberlain University. I have part of my MBA started and am looking forward to completing this soon! 


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