May 7, 2022

May Employee Spotlight: Kim James


I'm Kim James, LPN, and I'm a Clinical Care Coordinator with Kepro. I studied nursing at Harrisburg Area Community College and obtained my Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) license in 2004. My family is from Virginia, but I was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I enjoy spending time with my kids and going to festivals and the park in my free time. One of our favorite local activities is visiting Hershey, PA, home of Hershey Park, the birthplace of the chocolate bar. I have been to Hershey Park hundreds of times. I love visiting Chocolate World, the Hershey Zoo, and riding my favorite ride, the Super Doper Looper.

My passion for nursing began with watching my mother. She was a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 30 years. She had such extensive joy and passion for taking care of the elderly. She inspired me to take on the nursing role through her hard work and giving so much love to her job. I started my career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I wanted to know more about people, how we functioned, and the science behind it.

I began my career working for Holy Spirit Hospital on the medical-surgical team. That was the best experience. I learned so much and enjoyed seeing my patients get better and knowing that I helped along the way. I also did home health nursing for people with special needs, medication management, and wound care. I then ventured to Long Term Acute Care and Rehab. This was where I spent most of my career before coming to Kepro.

I have been blessed to be with Kepro for almost seven years. I started as a member of the Appeals department for five years. I'm currently the Clinical Care Coordinator for the Immediate Advocacy (IA) department. In my current role, I help beneficiaries with concerns regarding there self or loved ones. Which consist of Quality of Care concerns, inability to reach a Physician, or help with transportation and medication concerns.
As an IA team member, I provide quality care, active listening, compassion, and caring for the members. I take pride in respecting their concerns as if they were one of my family members.

My typical day consists of getting daily assignments, creating new IA cases, and following up on previous cases. One of the most fulfilling parts of my day is knowing that I have given my all to each case. I strive to achieve a positive resolution for the beneficiary and their family. I love speaking with the beneficiaries and families. I enjoy connecting and allowing them to feel heard and providing a favorable resolution. I have the opportunity to speak with members and providers daily, over 20 every week. 

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