October 7, 2022

October Employee Spotlight: David Dychko

My name is David Dychko, and I am an Applications Manager at Kepro. I’ve been with Kepro for over 20 years and work remotely outside Cleveland, Ohio. I went to Baldwin Wallace College and double majored in Computer Information Systems and Business. While at college, I worked in the Information Technology (IT) department, answering calls and providing on-site tech support for professors and students. Since then, I have earned IT certifications and my Six Sigma Yellow Belt. A fun fact about me is that I have my own IMDB page. I have acted in some local movies in the past ten years. I also like participating in local film contests when they come to town. My latest film tied for 1st place in the 2022 Cleveland 48-Hour Film Festival.

My favorite part about living around Cleveland, Ohio, is the great live music scene in and around the city. Whatever music you are into, you can easily find a band or DJ playing locally and have a great time. And if listening isn’t your thing, you can try live band karaoke. It's common to find me singing a couple of heavy metal songs or two on the weekends. We also love our food in Cleveland. Time Magazine once named us one of the top 7 cities for foodies. What makes the food scene so great here is that it boils down to the diversity of our cuisines, the affordability of dining out, and the mix of creativity and personalities between each restaurant. Some of my personal favorites are Momochos (Mexican), Winking Lizard (Chicken Wings), Alley Cat (Seafood), and Wasabi(Japanese).

I got into the IT field because I grew up playing Nintendo and always wanted to create and design my own video game. As I got older, I became more involved in computers and learned how to build my own PC to play the latest game on max settings.

In my current role, I manage and maintain all user interface UI Path BOT automation projects for various Kepro contracts. UI Path is automation software that allows you to create multiple forms of robotic processes, such as collecting large amounts of data from an application. My day typically consists of running and programming applications/BOTS to Lofi Hip Hop music with a cup of coffee. Some highlights of my day include testing sections of new bot automation that pass without errors.

Throughout the years, my role has been developing systems that help Kepro staff and departments do their work more efficiently while meeting the needs of the contract. One example of my work is the E-BOARD database used for the BFCC contract. For over ten years, E-BOARD has effectively streamlined the Appeals process, addressing 1000+ per day with less paperwork. Currently, my bot automation help meets Kepro’s client needs by interacting with older/legacy systems to gather data or enter large batches of cases without human interaction. My favorite part of the day is the initial design and coding of a new BOT or application. It’s always a fun and challenging process when starting a new project.

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