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| October 7, 2022

October Employee Spotlight: David Dychko

My name is David Dychko, and I am an Applications Manager at Kepro. I’ve been with Kepro for over 20 years and work remotely outside Cleveland, Ohio. Read More
| September 9, 2022

September Employee Spotlight: Fiorella Montoya Hidalgo

My name is Fiorella Montoya Hidalgo, and I am a Registered Nurse and one of the Utilization Management Supervisors here at Kepro. I am a remote employee currently working... Read More
| August 11, 2022

August Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Cokinos Dominic

My name is Stephanie Cokinos Dominic, and I'm an EAP Clinical Consultant with Kepro. I have been with Kepro since 2015, but I have been in the EAP field for 20 years. Our... Read More
| July 8, 2022

July Employee Spotlight: Tuwana Milford

My name is Tuwana Milford, and I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician and Call Center Supervisor here at Kepro. I work from our Pharmacy Management offices in Auburn, Alabama. Read More
| June 6, 2022

June Employee Spotlight: Shelby Delatte

I'm Shelby Delatte, Director, Client Programs with Kepro. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing/Professional Sales. Over... Read More
| May 7, 2022

May Employee Spotlight: Kim James

I'm Kim James, LPN, and I'm a Clinical Care Coordinator with Kepro. I studied nursing at Harrisburg Area Community College and obtained my Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)... Read More
| April 14, 2022

April Employee Spotlight: Suzanna Brennan

I'm Suzanna Brennan, a Solutions Architect (SA) with Kepro. I work from home and am based outside of Seattle, Washington. I earned my MBA from Webster University. I also have... Read More
| March 8, 2022

March Employee Spotlight: Dr. Vanessa Katon

I'm Vanessa Katon, D.O., Medical Director for Maine ASO Contract and Kepro EAP. I began working with Kepro in October of 2019. I live in nearby South Portland, Maine. I... Read More
| January 7, 2022

January Employee Spotlight: Christopher Lahiff

I'm Christopher Lahiff, and I am the ITS service manager for BFCC and corporate assisting with Tier 2 support. I work from the Tampa office. Read More
| December 3, 2021

December Employee Spotlight: Becky Meyer

I'm Becky Meyer, and I am the Operations Manager for the 1115 Substance Use Disorder (SUD) System Reform Demonstration – but I usually just go by the "SUD Ops Manager." I... Read More


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