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What Differentiates Atrezzo?

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Comprehensive and Flexible

Atrezzo provides a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate independent, impartial evaluation of care and support an array of healthcare services including utilization management, care management, and wellness. Features and functionality are tailored to individual provider needs.

Compliant and Secure

The solution is built on modern Microsoft technology and is HIPPA, NIST, SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001:2013 compliant.  Atrezzo is hosted in our secure data center facility and protected by multi-factor authentication.

Mobile Friendly

Atrezzo is mobile friendly for easy access from tablets and phones. Specialized apps for completing field assessments and medication reconciliation include offline access capabilities for areas with no Wi-Fi or internet service.

Cost Efficient

Kepro’s ownership of Atrezzo means lower costs for our clients. Without expensive licensing, maintenance, and modification costs of a third-party system, full platform ownership allows for significant savings that is passed along to Kepro partners. Atrezzo is built to help reduce duplicative care where appropriate, reducing costs for providers and members.

Highly Automated

Atrezzo is workflow and rules driven to enable automated authorization approvals and optimized review cycles. This enhances member and provider satisfaction through timely processing and increased reliability and standardization.

Agile Configuration

Changes are driven largely through point and click configuration enabling a rapid response to changing contract requirements. Enhancements are completed by the same professionals who developed Atrezzo and have intimate knowledge of system complexities and dependencies.

Smart Analytics

Atrezzo includes a comprehensive set of data analytics and dashboards including quality measures, productivity, clinical data, caseloads, task queues, and utilization history. Providers can gain additional insight using a fully integrated Reporting & Analytics module that keeps key stakeholders informed and up to date. Dashboards reports range from individual member history to comprehensive insight across populations, and historical reports on care team activity, to proactively forecasting member risk.

Faster Implementations

Atrezzo’s modular design means that business rules are separate from the application. Business rules are maintained through an integrated management portal and can be rapidly configured for both initial configuration and ongoing updates based on program changes. This results in less complexity, shorter implementation timelines, and lower total cost of ownership.

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