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Kepro’s proprietary technology platform combines essential care management features and data into one comprehensive solution

Atrezzo is Kepro’s proprietary technology platform that integrates essential care management features and all relevant data into one comprehensive solution. Leading edge technology coupled with an intuitive user experience provide a foundation for proactive care management.

Atrezzo supports anarray of foundational health care services,including Utilization Management, Care Management, and Eligibility & Assessments, and layers in higher level functions, including business rule processing, automated workflows and integrated analytics and dashboards.

Designed as a modular system with an emphasis on configuration vs. customization, deploying new client instances is a snap and does not require additional IT resources.

Atrezzo insight enables providers to proactively identify and engage at-risk members. Machine learning-based risk stratification tools, coupled with standard assessment instruments, social determinants of health (SDOH) data and utilization history, trigger automated workflows so care team members can focus on the most impactable members.

Atrezzo enables care team collaboration and coordination across these core foundational services:   

  • Eligibility & Assessments: Incorporate customizable rules- or task-based instruments to dramatically streamline assessments of waivers and program eligibility.

  • Care Management: Track activities and outcomes at key member care points to empower better coordinated, more comprehensive care.

  • Utilization Management: Ensure each member is using the right resources in the right ways at the right times — automatically.


"Kepro has far exceeded our expectations.  Implementation was efficient, timely, seamless and without any incident."

- Health Services and Medical Management Division, Minnesota DHS

Access data transparency

Atrezzo puts transparency at the forefront, making it quick and easy to access deep, rich member-level data, including:
  • Health intelligence data lake that allows for end-to-end data ingestion, processing, management and reporting to quickly and effectively generate reports across data sources with no impact on system performance
  • Data combined across all Kepro data sources and integrated with our clinical data warehouse to provide comprehensive, customizable reports and analysis
  • Web-base tableau server dashboards that provide on-demand, 24/7 access to dashboards and data visualizations 

Streamline service authorizations

With Atrezzo, you can easily manage a member’s benefits at the point the service authorization, helping you:

  • Manage costs by automatically managing the number of services authorized to not exceed benefits
  • Achieve consistent outcomes (and reduce appeals) via interfaces with on standard-of-care criteria from Interqual and/or Milliman Care Guidelines
  • Reduce administrative burdens and drive faster response times and faster treatment

Track member care in one place

When you use Atrezzo, you capitalize on a tool designed to help you manage each member’s complete continuum of care:

  • Access a complete, start-to-finish view of a member’s clinical path, from utilization management to long-term care
  • Get real-time and historical insights that help decrease duplicative or inappropriate care
  • Run reports, through a fully integrated reporting function, that helps keep everyone informed and on point
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Point. Click. And control smarter member care. All through one convenient platform.

Each time you have to bolt on a new clinical management solution to accomplish key tasks, you introduce new dependencies and risks. As a single source of truth for each member’s care, Atrezzo provides critical visibility into members’ complete clinical pictures over time. So you can spend less time training, integrating and troubleshooting disparate systems and more time advancing and optimizing clinical care outcomes.

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What Our Clients Say

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Smooth Implementation

“… implementation was a smooth and collaborative process. Kepro's staff are always responsive and professional and work to meet our needs.  Trainings were simple and our members remain well informed.” 

- Director of Clinical and Regulatory Services, Florida Health Care Association   

Impressive Mobile Application

“…the mobile app is coming along great.  This is a nice new product that Kepro will be able to market to new clients. Well done! The staff all seemed to be very pleased.”

- Senior Program Manager, Quality Compliance

Fast and Courteous Service

“I like to use Kepro because it is fast and the response time is also fast. The people are courteous and willing to help you solve problems.” 

- Comment from a recent provider satisfaction survey


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Atrezzo by the Numbers

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38 active client contracts supported with 56 lines of business spread across those contracts

Over 6,670,000 providers with over 20,400,000 locations are represented across all lines of business

More than 423,000 UM cases, 193,000 CM cases, 271,000 assessments, and 933,000 UM service lines were created in 2020

Over 19,000 providers are actively enrolled in our Provider Portal, accounting for over 65,000 provider users

Since 2011, nearly 2,000,000 recipients/members have received a service processed in Atrezzo

Over 7,380,000 cases of all types (UM, CM, Assessment) are stored in Atrezzo.