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Absence Management

Reducing employee absence with compassion and experience.

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Boost productivity
and lower absence-related costs

Kepro has over two decades of experience helping employers and employees reduce absenteeism. Our knowledge and expertise improve the overall health and productivity of your workforce while reducing the financial impact of absences.

Over two decades experience helping employers and employees reduce absenteeism


Confidence and compliance with FMLA

Our clinical and operations staff is fluent in both state and federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policies. We can help you throughout the entire process of FMLA, including:

  • Identifying FMLA qualifying absences
  • Monitoring leave activities
  • Maintaining legal compliance



Taking the hassle out of FMLA management

  • Guaranteed federal and state compliance
  • A designated point of contact for leave notification
  • Simplified leave tracking and reporting
  • Proactive responses to absence trends
  • Seamless integration with your Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Management Programs

Comprehensive support for short-term disabilities

Effective disability management involves a comprehensive assessment of both medical and behavioral health factors. While short-term disabilities often originate from a physical issue, the duration and severity are usually governed jointly by medical and behavioral health processes. Our disability management team addresses both factors to:

Increase the employee's productivity

Facilitate their timely recovery

Reduce disability costs


We're there every step of the way

Our disability management team is there for every step of your employee’s journey, including: 

  • Assessment and case planning
  • Active intervention
  • Return-to-work coordination
  • Follow up and case closure

Absence Tracking and Reporting

Our sophisticated absence tracking and reporting program helps identify absence trends in your employee population and provides strategic recommendations for reducing absenteeism and improving productivity.

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Our 360-Degree Approach to Care Management

Utilization Management

Providing the right patients with the right care in the right setting — every time.

Case Management

Identifying and improving outcomes for high-risk, high-cost beneficiaries.

Care Coordination

Leveraging cross-disciplinary insights to create a full-scope view of patient health.

Pharmacy Management

Increasing pharmacy efficiency, accountability and compliance with expert guidance.

Employee Assistance Program

Supporting employee wellness and productivity with comprehensive services.

Absence Management

Tracking and analyzing employee absences to identify trends and opportunities.

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