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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Improving wellness and enhancing employee performance.

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Proven Track Record of Quality and Effective Services

The Kepro Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a suite of supportive services for your employees that improve organizational wellness, enhance clinical outcomes and reduce costs. We help our customers identify the employee behaviors that reduce performance and productivity, and work together to find solutions that drive employee well-being.

Our solutions are based on clinical expertise, industry best practices, professional and credentialed providers and a dedication to help those we serve.

At any moment, nearly 50 percent of individuals are experiencing challenges like financial stress, relationship problems, or addiction. 


Employee Assistance

Kepro’s EAP is grounded in core technology and we never lose sight of our primary objective – to provide the workplace and its employees with the tools and resources to positively impact personal concerns that can impact job performance and personal well-being.

Years of Experience

EAP Clients

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Kepro's EAP and Work-Life Services

Kepro's EAP and work-life services help employees resolve a wide range of issues to restore both personal and professional effectiveness. With over 25 years of experience, Kepro provides EAP services to clients across various industries and sizes including:

  • State and government agencies
  • Universities
  • Hospital systems
  • Unions, other public and private sector employers

Confidential Services Available 24/7

Kepro's EAP is a confidential program that offers face-to-face consultation with a local licensed provider or remote counseling with one of our Masters-level clinicians. These services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

All calls are answered live by professional counselors. Counseling services are available for issues affecting employees, dependents and their household members, including:



Anxiety and Depression



Drug or Alcohol Concerns

Transition and Change

Workplace Issues

Relationship and Family Problems

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Our 360-Degree Approach to Care Management

Utilization Management

Providing the right patients with the right care in the right setting — every time.

Case Management

Identifying and improving outcomes for high-risk, high-cost beneficiaries.

Care Coordination

Leveraging cross-disciplinary insights to create a full-scope view of patient health.

Pharmacy Management

Increasing pharmacy efficiency, accountability and compliance with expert guidance.

Employee Assistance Program

Supporting employee wellness and productivity with comprehensive services.

Absence Management

Tracking and analyzing employee absences to identify trends and opportunities.

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