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Care Coordination

Achieve safer and more effective care.

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Improve care and manage costs

Our member-centric care coordination program begins with a thorough understanding of the multifaceted needs of each patient. A primary case manager (PCM) will then assess the scope and complexity of the member’s healthcare needs using standardized guidelines, proprietary tools and compassionate, open discussion.

Kepro’s care coordination programs are operated by behavioral and physical health professionals, and supported by team members with social work, nutritional and other holistic care backgrounds.


Our member-centric approach

Through our care coordination services, we support clients remaining integrated and safe within the community, decrease unnecessary inpatient and emergency room use, and improve coordination of care between medical and behavioral health.

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Our 360-Degree Approach to Care Management

Utilization Management

Providing the right patients with the right care in the right setting — every time.

Case Management

Identifying and improving outcomes for high-risk, high-cost beneficiaries.

Care Coordination

Leveraging cross-disciplinary insights to create a full-scope view of patient health.

Pharmacy Management

Increasing pharmacy efficiency, accountability and compliance with expert guidance.

Employee Assistance Program

Supporting employee wellness and productivity with comprehensive services.

Absence Management

Tracking and analyzing employee absences to identify trends and opportunities.

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