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Application Processing Center

Application service center support that focuses on a member-centric approach.

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Accurate and timely eligibility application processing and information

Kepro provides application service center support to Medicaid and CHIP programs for individuals seeking to apply for and maintain eligibility for these programs.

We currently service members every day in supporting application processing, identifying additional information needed such as eligibility and medical documentation, and supporting access to services and healthcare. Our member‐centric staff training, and approach promotes provider and member engagement throughout the application processes. 

KEPRO currently has 14 call centers spanning all U.S. time zones, offering over three decades of experience


The 1M+ annual callers who dial our toll‐free number speak to a live Kepro employee

1 Million+

Annual callers


Call centers spanning across all U.S. time zones


Years of experience

Member-centric customer service

We understand that program members need to talk to a live person – a person who understands what they need and, with courtesy and speed, and helps them to meet their needs with efficiency and accuracy. Our primary goal is to ensure that applicants speaks to a live representative trained in member‐centric customer service, educated to assist their needs, and skilled to complete it as efficiently and effectively as possible to promote the best customer experience and interaction with our staff.

Our focus on ensuring each call interaction is trusted and positive is evidenced by our call center key-performance indicators and metrics which meet or exceed industry standards in both calls and quality.

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